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Musical Alphabet: Next to Normal

Musical Alphabet: Matilda

Musical Alphabet: Legally Blonde

Musical Alphabet: Kinky Boots
you have so many choices for x I don't know how you're gonna choose


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Hi, just curious, but which filters are you using on your musical theatre alphabet?

It depends on the picture, usually I just play around with the adjustment layers in Photoshop until I like the mood that they have - if you’re interested in a specific one and/or use Photoshop, I can upload a PSD or action, or point you toward what I used if I used a preset :)

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hi, i was wondering, where did you find that third picture in your cinderella photoset, the one from the musical theatre alphabet?

It’s from the cast album:


I’m assuming you’re not counting up and down or something, but let me know if you were asking about a different picture :)

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Musical Alphabet: In the Heights

Musical Alphabet: Hairspray
Musical Alphabet: Gypsy

Musical Alphabet: Follies